Monday, September 26, 2011

HACKING WIFI WEP Encryption for Windows 100%


I provided images so that it will be easier for you to follow
especially for newbies.

Just click the pictures to enlarge

1. Commonview for Wifi Full + Cracked

2. Aircrack-NG GUI:

Guide how to DOWNLOAD the file

1. Please select your favorite social networking site and share this blog.


2. After sharing the system must detect it. You can now DOWNLOAD the file.
Just press the DOWNLOAD picture below.

Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:


STEP 1 :
Install CommView for WiFi. . . Install it in VoIP mode or Standard mode. Gamit ko Standard mode. It installs the necessary drivers. Allow it to install.

Note: The wifi will not connect if we will use the CommView

STEP 2 :
Open CommView + Click on the PLAY ICON in the Left First .

STEP 3 (Choosing the Network (a) ) :
A new window should pop up now . Click on the START SCANNING button .

STEP 4 (Choosing the Network (b) ) :
Click on the WiFi network you want to hack in the Right Coulumn and Click on CAPTURE.

STEP 5 (Capturing the Packets) :
The windows should close now and you should see that CommView has started Capturing Packets.

STEP 6 (Saving the Packets ) :
Now that the Packets are getting captured you need to Save them.

Click on Settings->Options->Memory Usage
Change Maximum Packets in buffer to 20000

Click on the LOGGING Tab .
In the Maximum Directory Size : 2000
Average Log File Size : 20

Now CommView will automatically Start Saving packets in the .ncp format at a size of 20MB each in the specified directory.

STEP 7 ( Concatenating the Logs ) :

Since you are capturing a lot of logs you will need to concatenate them into once file. To do this go to Logging and click on CONCATENATE LOGS Choose all the files that have been saved in your specified folder and Concatenate them.

Note: pwede naman po hindi i-delete yung source files kung gusto nyo mg continue capturing packets habang ng tetest ng password.

Now you will have one .ncf file .

STEP 8 (Converting .ncf to .cap ) :
Now that you have one file with all the packets you need to Convert it into .cap file for AIRCRACK to crack .

Click on File->Log Viewer->Load Commview Logs-> Choose the .ncf file

Now File->Export->Wireshark/TCP dump format: Save it anywhere you want


Now for the Second Part Cracking this is very simple.

Just open the Aircrack Folder->Bin->Aircrack-ng GUI.exe

Choose the .cap file and lauch .

If somehow you see too many result just chose the one you targeted

Hope it helps.!


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