Monday, November 21, 2011

» Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Hack - Hacks - Cheat - Aimbot - MW3 - Undetected - private - wallhack

Get ready for total pwnage with our powerfull call of duty modern warfare 3 hack

Never miss a bullet anymore with the amazing aimbot included in this hack.
See your enemy from across the map.
See enemy`s behind walls.
Increase your view by removing fog,smoke,grass,sky,etc
Auto receive your team mates and auto knife and shoot your enemy.
Play safe at punkbusterand ranked servers.

Guide how to DOWNLOAD the file

1. Please select your favorite social networking site and share this blog.


2. After sharing the system must detect it. You can now DOWNLOAD the file.
Just press the DOWNLOAD picture below.

Mirror 1:

Mirror 2:

Compatible Direct X Versions
DxVersion = 9
Toggle - On, Off
Aim Key - Selectable aim key
No Spread - Calculates the Weaponspread and compensates it
No Shake - Removes the shaking caused by No Spread
Visibility Checks - Aimbot will only lock on a visible player
Bullet Drop - Aimbot lifts higher to compensate for gravity.
Predic Speed - Predicts speed of moving enemy
Autoshot - Is Automatically firing for the Best result
Max Aimdistance - Longest distance the Aimbot is Aiming

Name - Displays the name of the player
Distance - Displays the distance between you and the player
Box - Draws a 3D box around the player
Healthbars - Displays how much health the target has
Visibility Checks - Distinguishes if an enemy if visible or not visible.
Barrels - Draws a line to the enemy from your position with visible checks.
Show Friendly - Everything you chose for the enemy will also be included with your teammates
2D Radar
Active - Turn On/Off the Radar
Center Radar - Centers the Radar the middle of the screen
Show Friendly - Shows player of your own Team
Radar Size - Set the Size of the Radar
Radar Range - Set the Range of the Radar
Show FPS - Shows your frames per second.
Show Time - Shows your time.
Show Resolution - Shows your Screen Resolution.
Visibility Warning - Shows how much Players are Visible
Load Settings - Loads the Saved settings
Save Settings - Saves the Current settings


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